Why do old people have such shit attitudes?

Listen, I’m sorry but I’m so angry about how this man treated my mother over the weekend that I just have to have a rant. Ignore this post if you don’t want to feel my wrath.

Basically, one of the trees fell into my mum’s neighbours garden from the storms that we’ve been having in London. She hasn’t really had time to sort it out because she’s an extremely busy lady! She works for Samsung and it’s been…nearly 3 weeks since the incident happened. Having sent a letter of apology to said neighbour, she’s been getting really unpleasant texts and phone calls from him. I can’t really go into what he said specifically because we may end up having to report him but I can say it was RUDE.

My mum can’t speak english very well despite having lived in the country for over 23 years. This is mainly because she works in a Korean company with Korean colleagues and bosses. She really tries with her english though and my friends have said that they have had no problems talking to her. But she had NO hope of defending herself against what he was saying to her.

This man is obviously taking advantage of the fact that she can’t communicate too well to bully her. He knows she can’t speak english so he just ran rings around her. Confusing her, making her trip over her words. She is SO embarrassed and she’s been saying things like: “Jay, I feel really stupid for not being able to say anything”. There was just no need for it. What is the point of belittling someone like that? The job isn’t going to get done any quicker by making someone feel like that.

The reason why it’s so painful for me is that I know she is the most shy, timid and nervous person I know. How can somebody take advantage of someone like that? For no reason at all! She’s been badly affected by this whole thing and I’m fucking pissed.

This old man has the shittest attitude of anyone I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting yet, I find that this is quite a common character trait in elderly people. My own Grandpa is horribly racist towards Japanese people and he really does moan about everything. But even he draws the line at shouting down the phone to poor innocent people about bloody trees.

I just feel guilty that I’m not there to help her with these things. My little sister has gone off to Uni now and left home so my mum’s there all by herself. I’m just so worried about her. Not that she’s not capable of looking after herself but it’s when things like this happen and she doesn’t have the necessary fluency in the language to argue her case…

It’s a fucking tree. No-one is dead. No-one is hurt. He was just plain RUDE to her for no reason except to make himself feel somehow superior to her and feed his own stupid ego. My mother is 100 times the person he ever was. Asshole.


Megan Stammers and Jeremy Forrest found in France | Society | guardian.co.uk

Megan Stammers and Jeremy Forrest found in France | Society | guardian.co.uk.

Just thought I’d share this article with you guys! I can’t be bothered to write anything else really.

But I did find out something interesting today. I thought that 16 was the age of consent. Well…it is but it just means that relationships between adults that are in a position of superiority and children are not allowed. But what if you were over the age of 18 and you weren’t in a position of trust?

“It is an offence under the Sexual Offences Act 2003 for a person over 18 to have a sexual relationship with a child under 18 where that person is in a position of trust in respect of that child, even if the relationship is consensual. That applies where the child is in full-time education and the person works in the same place as the child, even if the person does not teach the child.”

Caroline Davies, The Guardian
28th September 2012

Guys…I really don’t want to go back to Uni =(

I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal and everyone is saying to me how wonderful Uni life is but I think everyone else seems to be on another planet. I officially start on the 1st October but I have to go in on Thursday for a “Returners Meeting”. Whatever that is.

Don’t get me wrong, I was SO excited to go at the beginning of the course but now that I’m going into my second year, I’m slightly less enthusiastic. I’ve decided that I don’t want to be a slimy Music Manager/Svengali type character anyway so I’m kind of struggling to see the point of me carrying this on this course. I’d also made the decision to change courses to go and do law instead but because I now have to pay £9000 in school fees, I have no choice really but to stay on my current course and do a conversion degree afterwards. I’m really annoyed that I’m being made to finish it.

Well of course, there is the small matter that if I don’t finish my course, not only will my parents be absolutely furious (Asian parents…gotta love it) but I won’t be able to get onto a Law GDL Conversion course afterwards. And I need to work extra hard to get a 1st Degree to get into the right school. It’s not that I don’t want to be a lawyer (trust me I really really do), but I’ve been fighting against it for SO long. You have no idea. My parents have been begging me to do a law degree since I was 11!!

I guess this is why I’m a little disappointed in myself because I feel I’ve become a bit of a corporate sell out. If I told my 16 year old self that I’d eventually become a solicitor, I think she would have stabbed me.

Whatever. Fuck her. I love money too much and I want too much stuff to be poor.

I’m sure everything will all be peachy when I finish all my training but it’s going to take like 5 fucking years!

I have to finish this degree. But I don’t have to be happy about it.

Megan Stammers – How old is 15 really?

The pair holding hands as they board the ferry to Calais. This was where the couple were last spotted.

Megan Stammers: school knew of concerns over teacher friendship | Society | The Guardian.

How old is 15 really? – Youth and Justice Blog

I’m actually slighted weirded out by this story. This all happened around the time I finished reading Lolita. How dark…

I don’t really know what to feel anymore about these sorts of relationships. I mean, I was 14 when I was dating a 19 year old Uni student. That’s considered illegal yet it’s completely fine legally if a 60 year old man dates a 16 year old girl.

This leads me to question: “How old is 15 really?”

I remember a sketch that Dave Chappelle did, I think, a few years back about it. His main point was that its easy to point the finger and demand life imprisonment if a 15 year old accidentally kills somebody but when a 15 year old goes missing, like Megan Stammers and she decides to hop on a ferry to France with her Maths teacher, everybody will assume that it was the teachers fault and that she was too young to be making these kinds of decisions…etc.etc

I’m not condoning their behaviour. But you do stupid things when you’re in love. The police are making appeals to the couple by saying things like: “We want to ensure that both Megan and her tutor, Jeremy Forrest are granted safe passage back to the UK”. Would you come back to the UK if you were Jeremy Forrest only to be incarcerated for rape and child abuse? Would you call that safe passage? If you were Megan, would you want the man that you love enough to run away with be put in jail? To be honest, she seems like a smart girl. If she knew enough to keep this completely secret from her parents, then she is definitely capable of making the decision of running away with her teacher.

However, he is a married man. But married men all around the world have been cheating on their wives for centuries with prostitutes and they pay even younger girls for sex. There are also plenty of men and women in the world who have more than 15 years between them age wise. I know someone who met her boyfriend when she was 15 and he was 28. Still together and they’ve just had a baby. When I saw the photo of the two holding hands as they were on the ferry to Calais, I couldn’t help but think that there really is a relationship there. Who are we to judge?

I’m not saying that it was a clever idea eloping to France. Actually, it was really really stupid. I mean, couldn’t he have waited a year until she was legal? Like I said. I don’t really know what to think. I feel sorry for Megan because she’s going to be in SO MUCH SHIT when she gets home. Slightly less sympathetic for Jeremy Forrest, only really for cheating on his wife. He probably shouldn’t have pursued a relationship with a student. He could have waited a year. He could have divorced his wife first. He could have done it properly if he really loved her and envisioned a future for him and Megan.

Instead, he’s gone and turned the entire country against him. The public are screaming “pedophile” and all he had to do was be a little patient and tactful. It was selfish, it was unfair on Megan’s parents, the relationship probably can’t continue if they ever return to the UK…He messed up. Big time. In regards to Megan, well, I wanted to do as much as possible to piss of my parents when I was 15. I didn’t care who I hurt. I only cared about myself. And the more my parents or other adults, hell even my friends, argued with me, the more I didn’t care.

What do you guys think? Tricky subject, eh? As far as I’m concerned, this is just a lovestruck teenage girl and a man’s lapse in judgement. It seems amazing that so much focus has been put on this story especially when she isn’t really in any danger.

iOS6 Fail. Shouldn’t have updated my phone

I am actually SO irritated with myself. I’d been excited about iOS6 for some time because I really was looking forward to the new siri updates. I had NO IDEA that they were going to just completely replace google maps. I can’t even find it on the app store to download separately anymore.

I tried to use Apple Maps to get to a friend’s party in Croydon. It just wouldn’t work! It wasn’t updating quick enough so I kept missing the turning and then finally, it tried to send me in completely the wrong direction.

The thing is, Google have spent millions, maybe billions of dollars into making their maps as powerful and as detailed as they can possibly be. Everybody has seen the little Google car, taking data for street view and in rural areas where cars can’t go, people with high tech back packs have been paid to trek across muddy fields. Unless Apple are prepared to do that to improve their map system, I can’t see how it can even come close to being as good as Google Maps.

Also, it is more car friendly than it is for public transport. It doesn’t even have street view! How am I supposed to know for sure that I am where it says I am?! The 2 things that I really used the map for and they replace it with something thats just not as good. Most people have TomToms and Garmin Satnavs for their cars. WHAT IS THE POINT!! ARGH!

Actually though, the new Siri features are quite good and the fact you can assign VIPs to your e-mail is cool. But they’re not NEARLY good enough reasons for me to overlook the Apple Maps cock up and Siri should have had the new features in the first place so I’m not overly impressed.

I found this picture the other day in an article that made me chuckle. Make sure you read the post. The link is below!

A brilliantly sarcastic statement by staff working at a tube station in London

Apple promises to improve iOS 6 Maps – Telegraph.

Measuring my self worth in the number of subscribers to my blog

To be honest. I’m bloody pleased. I have 2 subscribers to my blog and I’m on top of the world. If only other things in life could give me as much satisfaction and pleasure…I really would have nothing more to wish for.

This is the first time that I’ve been able to publicly express my opinion in a blog that anybody can read. I’ve kept handwritten and online diaries since I was really little but it’s a really odd feeling trying to write for you lovely people instead of just for myself.

It’s also a strange thing having to censor your own writing. I’d love to say that I write absolutely everything that comes into my head on here but I really struggle with it! My personal diaries are a mess of weepy, whiney, nonsense; an outlet to vent my frustrations of daily life. Here, it feels like a beautiful oasis of calm and rationality.

Anyway, this is a thank you to my 2 subscribers to date. Here’s to many more and inflating my already huge ego.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov (on the iphone…)

It took me just under a week to read this. I found it impossible to put down. This became a bit of  a problem especially when I missed my bus stop twice because I’d been so engrossed.

This has been the first book that I had read entirely on my iphone. I was a little too embarrassed to be reading the hard copy in public. Unfortunately, I am very self conscious and aware of myself and I wasn’t quite ready for the world to be silently judging me once they saw the cover. Now, if you are reading this, I will assume you will probably know roughly what this book is about. The aim of this entry isn’t to summarise the book in any detail nor to review it as such. But if you actually want to read the book, there are spoilers in this entry. Sorry. >.<

In a nutshell, it is about a literature professor Humbert Humbert who falls in love and becomes obsessed with Dolores Haze; a twelve year old girl. The two become lovers after he becomes her stepfather. The story is told in 1st person from Humbert Humbert’s point of view.

What really struck me about the prose is that I “almost” feel sympathy for Humbert Humbert. His feelings for Dolores (he nicknames her Lolita), are obviously genuine and he will go to ANY lengths to keep her by his side. But obviously pedophilia is one of the most wicked crimes any person could commit. To rip that innocence from a child like that is disgusting.

After reading the book, I was very confused about how I felt about their relationship. He was using her, completely, unequivocally for his own messed up needs. But he was a broken man. Every person that commits a crime knows FULL WELL what they are doing. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing and Humbert Humbert was in constant torment knowing that their relationship was completely wrong. In a way, I felt sad in some way that they couldn’t find some happiness with each other.

However, if this story had a happy ending where Humbert Humbert and Dolores fell in love, had children…etc I would have felt that this was some secret fantasy of a genuine pedophile and it would have made the entire thing really uncomfortable for me to process. The fact that the pair were doomed from the start and that Dolores didn’t really have a choice but to go along with Humbert makes it seem more real.

Huh! Would you look at that! I didn’t actually give too much away after all. I would highly recommend it though. It is thought provoking and beautifully written. Funny in some parts and tragic all the way through.

I hope Humbert Humbert is burning in hell though. He REALLY deserves it.