“Assumption is the Mother of all Fuck Ups”

This morning, while I was in the queue about to purchase my morning coffee, someone had knocked over a display stand on the counter. The woman in front of me had a young teenage daughter and as soon as this happened, she immediately span round and started hissing at her daughter, accusing her of doing it on purpose, ordering her to pick it up and apologise immediately to the barista lady. The poor thing did as her mother bid her and then glued her eyes to the floor as her mother berated her in a loud whisper: “How did I bring up such a clumsy girl…forever trying to embarrass me in public…always drawing attention to yourself…who do you think you are…etc.etc”

Everybody else in the queue started looking at each other, not really knowing what to say as we were horrifically embarrassed at this mother’s behaviour towards her daughter. However, what made my day was this absolutely brilliant lady standing in front of those two turned to the mother and said quietly: “I knocked over the display stand. I think you owe your daughter an apology” and then she sashayed away leaving the lady bright red and quite deservedly ashamed of herself. Serves her right.

The lesson we could all learn here is that you can never assume anything before learning all the facts. It’s not clever jumping to conclusions and pointing accusatory fingers as it can lead to embarrassing situations like that because:


Quite frankly, I hope that little girl runs away. It will be better for her than live under a tyrant like that


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