Measuring my self worth in the number of subscribers to my blog

To be honest. I’m bloody pleased. I have 2 subscribers to my blog and I’m on top of the world. If only other things in life could give me as much satisfaction and pleasure…I really would have nothing more to wish for.

This is the first time that I’ve been able to publicly express my opinion in a blog that anybody can read. I’ve kept handwritten and online diaries since I was really little but it’s a really odd feeling trying to write for you lovely people instead of just for myself.

It’s also a strange thing having to censor your own writing. I’d love to say that I write absolutely everything that comes into my head on here but I really struggle with it! My personal diaries are a mess of weepy, whiney, nonsense; an outlet to vent my frustrations of daily life. Here, it feels like a beautiful oasis of calm and rationality.

Anyway, this is a thank you to my 2 subscribers to date. Here’s to many more and inflating my already huge ego.


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