iOS6 Fail. Shouldn’t have updated my phone

I am actually SO irritated with myself. I’d been excited about iOS6 for some time because I really was looking forward to the new siri updates. I had NO IDEA that they were going to just completely replace google maps. I can’t even find it on the app store to download separately anymore.

I tried to use Apple Maps to get to a friend’s party in Croydon. It just wouldn’t work! It wasn’t updating quick enough so I kept missing the turning and then finally, it tried to send me in completely the wrong direction.

The thing is, Google have spent millions, maybe billions of dollars into making their maps as powerful and as detailed as they can possibly be. Everybody has seen the little Google car, taking data for street view and in rural areas where cars can’t go, people with high tech back packs have been paid to trek across muddy fields. Unless Apple are prepared to do that to improve their map system, I can’t see how it can even come close to being as good as Google Maps.

Also, it is more car friendly than it is for public transport. It doesn’t even have street view! How am I supposed to know for sure that I am where it says I am?! The 2 things that I really used the map for and they replace it with something thats just not as good. Most people have TomToms and Garmin Satnavs for their cars. WHAT IS THE POINT!! ARGH!

Actually though, the new Siri features are quite good and the fact you can assign VIPs to your e-mail is cool. But they’re not NEARLY good enough reasons for me to overlook the Apple Maps cock up and Siri should have had the new features in the first place so I’m not overly impressed.

I found this picture the other day in an article that made me chuckle. Make sure you read the post. The link is below!

A brilliantly sarcastic statement by staff working at a tube station in London

Apple promises to improve iOS 6 Maps – Telegraph.


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