Why do old people have such shit attitudes?

Listen, I’m sorry but I’m so angry about how this man treated my mother over the weekend that I just have to have a rant. Ignore this post if you don’t want to feel my wrath.

Basically, one of the trees fell into my mum’s neighbours garden from the storms that we’ve been having in London. She hasn’t really had time to sort it out because she’s an extremely busy lady! She works for Samsung and it’s been…nearly 3 weeks since the incident happened. Having sent a letter of apology to said neighbour, she’s been getting really unpleasant texts and phone calls from him. I can’t really go into what he said specifically because we may end up having to report him but I can say it was RUDE.

My mum can’t speak english very well despite having lived in the country for over 23 years. This is mainly because she works in a Korean company with Korean colleagues and bosses. She really tries with her english though and my friends have said that they have had no problems talking to her. But she had NO hope of defending herself against what he was saying to her.

This man is obviously taking advantage of the fact that she can’t communicate too well to bully her. He knows she can’t speak english so he just ran rings around her. Confusing her, making her trip over her words. She is SO embarrassed and she’s been saying things like: “Jay, I feel really stupid for not being able to say anything”. There was just no need for it. What is the point of belittling someone like that? The job isn’t going to get done any quicker by making someone feel like that.

The reason why it’s so painful for me is that I know she is the most shy, timid and nervous person I know. How can somebody take advantage of someone like that? For no reason at all! She’s been badly affected by this whole thing and I’m fucking pissed.

This old man has the shittest attitude of anyone I’ve ever had the displeasure of meeting yet, I find that this is quite a common character trait in elderly people. My own Grandpa is horribly racist towards Japanese people and he really does moan about everything. But even he draws the line at shouting down the phone to poor innocent people about bloody trees.

I just feel guilty that I’m not there to help her with these things. My little sister has gone off to Uni now and left home so my mum’s there all by herself. I’m just so worried about her. Not that she’s not capable of looking after herself but it’s when things like this happen and she doesn’t have the necessary fluency in the language to argue her case…

It’s a fucking tree. No-one is dead. No-one is hurt. He was just plain RUDE to her for no reason except to make himself feel somehow superior to her and feed his own stupid ego. My mother is 100 times the person he ever was. Asshole.


3 thoughts on “Why do old people have such shit attitudes?

  1. tfaswift says:

    Yep, know exactly what you mean. I’m older than you but my mum was bullied by her ex-landlord who lived right next door. I don’t even get along very well with my mother, sadly, but I wasn’t having any old man pushing her around. After he saw my husband who is from Pakistan, he made a point of telling my mother that he is a “racist”, like he was proud of it, (i.e. we shouldn’t come back again). So I went round there with my husband again several times just to make the point that we don’t give a rat’s *@!*. But my mum was so upset by it all that we had to help her move out. She’s fine now. No crazy old racists anywhere nearby. And you know, I lived in Spain for a few years, and I did my best to learn Spanish but it still sucks. Languages are hard for some people!! People should be more tolerant. The British used to go around “conquering” foreign countries and they didn’t learn the local languages; everyone there was expected to learn English – even in their own country!

    • The worst thing that I find about this situation is that I know that my mum can’t do anything about it! And I can’t do anything immediate about it because I’m not there all the time. I agree with your point that we need to be more tolerant. I just hate it when people speak to mum like she’s stupid because she is so intelligent. Just because she can’t communicate in another language. It’s plain rude.

      • tfaswift says:

        I totally agree. I think there are some English people who need to be more tolerant and more realistic about the fact that just because someone doesn’t speak *their* language, they obviously speak their own language fluently. I sound like a total moron when I speak Spanish, but I think I’m reasonably smart in my own language. Some people are very insular in their way of thinking. I try to remember that maybe they haven’t had the same opportunities as I have to travel and experience other cultures. Still, it’s very difficult to deal with people like that. I’m really sorry for you and your mum. I hope the problem can be sorted soon.

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