I’m listening to TOO MUCH Lana Del Rey at the moment

I don’t know why I’ve been listening to her album every day but I just have. I am a singer myself so I absolutely 100% know that she is very very average. But there is a certain quality to her voice that just sounds amazingly sultry and sexy on record.

Last night, I tried to watch her perform live and it just wasn’t happening. She was all over the place. Actually, she wasn’t that bad but she was just ever so slightly flat or sharp all the way through the set and for some reason I found it hard to listen to.

I think I’m definitely more in love with the quality of the production than I am impressed by her ability. I don’t think that she’s an amazing singer but I think she’s an amazing story teller. The songs all just seem so right together and the tone of her voice has a certain sadness to it. I couldn’t get “Video Games” out of my head for weeks.

It’s really weird. I don’t “want” to like her music. To be honest, after everyone has been speculating about her plastic surgery, I can’t look at her face and deny that it looks a bit alien. There are also stories about a rich father. I don’t think it’s right (or fair) that she was able to get a second chance like that. Well…I guess that’s just me being jealous that I’m not a famous rock star like I had hoped to be when I was 15.

I’m more in love with the idea of Lana Del Rey. If she existed in real life, I would elope with her and she can serenade me all day long.


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