Getting caught on the toilet with your trousers down

So. REALLY embarrassing moment today. A customer burst into the toilet while I was having a piss at work. Thought I’d locked the door. Evidently not.

I don’t really know what’s been going on recently. I just seem to be a whirlwind of destruction or something. I just can’t seem to get the most basic things right! And I’ve made a tit of myself, all week so far. Pretty much every day.

Like yesterday, I got to work and was ready for the day ahead. What do I do next? Run into the loo and vomit everywhere?! What is wrong with me? I mean, to be fair, I wasn’t feeling brilliant anyway but I’ve certainly never vomited at work (Actually that’s a lie. A few years ago, I was violently ill after the staff Christmas party and was NOT fit for work the next day).

Anyway, my point is, I’m SO embarrassed. There’s not really much else I can do except take it on the chin and take the ribbing that I’ll most likely receive from my colleagues. It’s going to be BRUTAL.


3 thoughts on “Getting caught on the toilet with your trousers down

  1. tfaswift says:

    Wow, you’re having a tough time! 😦 I once fell down a flight of stairs after going to a fancy ballet with this guy I’d had a crush on for ages. It was right outside the theatre and I went tumbling down the stairs. When I finally came to a stop, my sexy little dress was literally up over my head with my underwear on display to the whole world. Very bad. I hope things get better for you. I can’t imagine them getting any worse!

    • Jay says:

      Oh god! That must have been awful! You poor poor sausage!

      I know. I’ve been such a calamity Jane this week. I’m hoping I don’t stub my toe or fall man hole tomorrow.

  2. tfaswift says:

    Lol, yes, that sucked. Such is life. It’s weird how we sometimes go through clumsy phases or “bad luck” phases, but thankfully they usually pass! When something really embarrassing happens to me, I sometimes wonder if it’s a little karmic joke on me because I was taking myself too seriously. I was once walking along in HK in a big shopping centre, and I was (yes I admit it) admiring my legs in a mirror because I was wearing high heels and skirt and looking pretty nice. And then what happens literally 5 seconds later, I fall down some stairs – again! Thankfully only a short flight of steps this time and nobody was around to see, but I slammed my shins so hard against one of the step corners that I got two big lumps on the front of my shins for about a month and had to wear trousers to hide them. Strange, huh? Maybe it was just a weird coincidence. Try not to fall down any man holes! If you go missing, I’ll tell the police where to start looking 😉

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