Life lessons through Video Games – Introduction

Hello readers! Wow. I have 20 likes and over 270 views on my blog already! Thanks guys. I’m really happy you like my stuff! Anyway, I am aware that my entries have been lacking focus and direction. I was kind of testing the waters and wasn’t 100% sure what I wanted to mainly write about. I was afraid it was becoming a big mish-mash of unrelated topics. I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks now and I want to share my experiences of playing, watching and making Video Games.

I probably hadn’t mentioned in my previous blog posts that I am currently helping my boyfriend and my house mate make a Video Game. I’m not allowed to tell you much about it at all. Such is the nature of the Game industry that most of these projects are made in semi-secrecy. I will reveal more as I get clearance from the PR team (I’m joking. I am the PR team).

Well, as I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m South Korean. I always joke that Starcraft is our national sport and yes, I have indulged far, FAR too many hours on it. It is so addictive and I might be guilty of crushing a few people with my blood-thirsty Zergling swarm. I love Starcraft.

Yes. I’m a game head. But I can’t really help it! I live with some of the biggest freaking gamers in the universe! One is my other half and the other is one of our best friends.

I wasn’t really into games until I met my boyfriend 5 years ago. I guess I used to watch some of my exes tap away mindlessly at an Xbox controller playing Halo 3 and Call of Duty but seriously, *snore*. So boring. I can’t stand Triple A, Call of Duty copy titles that are disgustingly popular right now. The only real fad I dabbled in was Starcraft which I played for about a year and Pokemon. I completed Blue but never really bothered with the Pokemon cards, though I owned a few, and I hadn’t purchased any other games. To this day I only know the first 150 Pokemon. [confession – nowadays, I can recite those 150 Pokemon in order to about 25 places or thereabouts. Which is good considering I didn’t make it a project to memorise them. Plus the original 150 were the BEST.]

Enter: Ben (Stage left). My boyfriend is the wonderful wonderful man who introduced me to the world of Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, Sam & Max…etc to name a few. It is something that we are truly passionate about which is why I’m a little ashamed now that I used to think that Video games were the pursuit of sad, lonely individual girls and guys.

The discovery of my inner geek was a completely liberating experience. I think many girlfriends and girl-friends go through this process when they start hanging out with people who are into this. I really don’t mean geek in a derogatory sense. I fucking love it. I would roll around in anime and Pokemon and obscure board games all day every day if I could. When you start getting to know someone who is into Video Games, you have a choice. You can reject it completely and never show an interest in it or you can choose to embrace it and make it a part of who you are. For me, it isn’t just a casual past time anymore, it’s become a large part of my life and my relationship is better for it.

I am a terrible player though. I really really am. Truly awful. I am hopeless at platforming. I’m more of a hindrance than help in any kind of 1st person shooter. Let’s just say I’m more a spectator. I can really only play Real time strategy, Turn based strategy and Role playing games. Anything with stat grinding and level crunching and collecting cool weapons and catching little animals in Pokeballs. I might not have an impressive gamer points score and I might not actually be the one playing but I still feel 100% involved. How can you not be when you’re jumping up and down, cheering your friend on as he breaks his last time trial record?

I guess I just love Video Games because I believe it is the ultimate art-form (as cheesy as that sounds). I truly believe that. The games industry have produced some of the most beautiful artwork, music, characters…etc that I’ve ever seen. I find that with conventional art, music, film, books…etc that there is a certain aloofness (is that a word?). You can only really involve yourself in them in a 2 dimensional way. Games are a combination of all creative art forms. Not only that but you can completely interact with the world that has been created through the labours of HUGELY talented programmers, level designers, concept artists, story writers, animators, illustrators, musicians…etc. I could go on and on.

I’m not entirely sure what this blog series will become. I don’t intend to review or rate games. I’d actually have to be a decent player to do that. I’m sure it’ll become clear as I write a few more entries. Last but not least, I’d like to thank anyone who has taken the time to read my blog and I hope you find the following articles entertaining and informative.


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