Mark Ryden style ballet girl

This took about 2 days to finish. Got a little bit lazy with the dress. Not really sure what I drew this for. It started off as a character concept but it ended up as a ballet dancer. Inspired by Mark Ryden’s awesome paintings.


Life Lessons Learned through Video Games – Borderlands 2 and very large guns

If you guys have been reading along then you will know that I am just not an FPS girl. I find the controls really difficult because I only started getting into games a few years ago. Most boys, I find, have less of a problem because they’ve been playing Video Games since DAY! Since I am clearly going to spoil the game, I watched the boys play.

We rented Borderlands 2 from Blockbusters because none of us could justify spending x amount of money on something we were only really going to play to try out the multiplayer aspect of it. Anyway, what drew me to the game initially was the INSANELY good IGN rating that it got. 9/10 apparently; so far so good. Also, the cover art was pretty insane. All I knew about the game was that it had: Big Fucking Guns. And you can dual wield. Awesome.

The basic story, if you are interested, is that it is based on a planet called Pandora. In the last Borderlands game, the player discovered a Vault that contained Eridium which is some kind of black market currency which is really valuable. In Borderlands 2, there have been rumours of an even larger vault and you came to Pandora to look for it. However, on the journey to Pandora, a guy called Handsome Jack (the baddy) tries to kill you because he’s secured all the Elysium reserved and is using it to take over the corporation (sorry, totally ripped that from Wikipedia). Basically, the main objective of the game is to find the larger vault and to whip Handsome Jack’s sorry ass.

Salvador – The badass Gunzerker with big fucking guns

There are 4 classes of character:
Axton (Commando)
Maya (Siren)
Salvador (Gunzerker)
Zer0 (Assassin)

I’m sure all have their plus points but SERIOUSLY, the best character by FAR is Salvador, The Gunzerker. I think he looks fucking epic. I kind of even like the voice acting for him as well. I usually find that FPS games don’t hire fantastic voice actors but for this character, it was perfect. Once you start levelling up and start adding different perks and upgrades and new weapons, he is completely unstoppable! You need to be careful with him sometimes because some enemies are SO powerful that they take your health down really fast even though you’re buffed to the max. There is just nothing you can do about that though. It’s all about being mobile and practically dodging bullets with this character but he is really fun. Haha.

Zer0 – The Assassin and Melee God

It is worth noting that the Assassin character is not half bad either! His name is Zero and he’s really good at ranged attacks and a Melee BEAST. All of his first power-ups are all about enhancing his melee ability and they give you GENEROUS upgrades. +50% Melee attack each time you upgrade! Which isn’t bad at all.

For those of you who like to snipe (I’m TERRIBLE), he’s the one to play with. I also just quite like the fact that you can’t see his face. I’m not sure if it gets revealed but I know that you can “buy” or “earn” extra heads?? That sounds weird but you’ll know what I mean if you play this game.

To be completely honest, we only played with the Siren and Commando for a little bit. They just weren’t as exciting as the other 2 characters so if you’re finding this post leaning a little too heavy on the Gunzerker/Assassin side, please feel free to educate me! I’d love to hear what you thought of the other characters =D

Game play was fine. The Menu system on the multiplayer mode was really awkward to navigate. Even on a 40″ screen so unless you have a ridiculously huge TV, expect to struggle a little going through all the menus. This becomes a little problematic when you need to quickly change weapons because the game doesn’t pause when you hit the menu button. Which is good and bad. Good because you can see enemies sneaking up on you, Bad because you aren’t concentrating on the enemies sneaking up on you when you are looking at said menu.

One REALLY nice feature of the game is that you get a second chance when you die. If an enemy takes all your health down you have a limited amount of time where you can attempt to kill an enemy. If you succeed, you get “second wind”, recover some of your health and you can go on a rampage again. Or you can just get your team mate to heal you to gain more experience.

Levelling up is fast but not too fast. What’s great about the multiplayer mode is that new players that join, end up levelling up SUPER quickly because the enemies are automatically set to the level of the most experienced player. In one sitting, you can gain 6-7 levels while the host player only gains one or 2. It’s all about levelling out the playing field as quickly as possible so that the game becomes a more enjoyable multi-player experience I guess.

I hope I haven’t left anything out! I’m aware this game has been out for a while. I’m sorry I can’t afford newer releases. But Christmas is around the corner…The guys have been bitching at me saying that I should really play the games that I have been chatting about even though I feel I have. But alas, I guess I should cave in and try my hand at some FPS games. You don’t know if you don’t try I guess! I’ll keep you posted on my progress…haha

The dreaded Asian Flush…

I’m sure all of my friends know this about me but I suck at drinking. I am a total embarrassment when I drink alcohol because my body is practically allergic to the stuff. It isn’t fair. I’m 22. I should be able to enjoy a few drinks when I’m out with friends.

The thing is, it is just something that everyone takes for granted. I’m the only one in my group of friends who can’t handle more than one or two drinks. I go bright red and it feels like my body is on fire. My neck and face start to get really itchy and my head starts to pound and my breathing gets really shallow. After a few minutes, I feel tired and nauseous which means I usually have to tactically vomit before I can start feeling ok.

Now, I’ve been looking all over the internet and of course, it’s called lots of silly things. Asian glow, Asian flush, Asian explosion….etc. 50% of us damn Asians have this intolerance to alcohol. Simple things like just going for a quiet drink with a friend is fraught with danger. In order for me to survive the ordeal, I have to be eating food and taking the tiniest sips and running to the loo every few minutes to make sure my face isn’t on fire.

APPARENTLY, taking antacids like Zantac and Pepcid AC hides those symptoms and mask the reaction asians have when drinking alcohol. It isn’t medically proven because no-one is that bothered about finding out but I thought it would be worth giving it a shot. I haven’t tried it yet but a lot of online blogs and comments from people are saying that it works.

I’d really be interested to know if anyone takes them generally when going out? If anything can make drinking a little less unpleasant then I’d be open to suggestions.

Taking a very short break and eating too many KitKats

Hi Guys. I’m sorry I haven’t been posting for a few days. I’m usually more prolific than this so I do apologise. I have a butt load of University assignments all due in at the same time so when it starts to calm down, I’ll make sure I’m on it!

In the mean time, hold tight! Recently rented Borderlands 2, played Halo 4 and had a chance to play the Wii U at MCM a few weeks ago! Should be coming out shortly so I’ll see you on the other side of this blasted week!


Feeling a little blue…(ignore if you dislike whiney posts about life)

I thought I’d take a little break from writing about Video Games. I’ve had a tough-ish weekend and it’s good just to vent right? Like I said, I’m not really used to censoring my own writing but as this is public, you never know who’s reading! For those of you who are a bit nosy, I apologise.

I know this sounds really odd and depressing and pathetic but I sometimes feel like there isn’t really a place for me in this world. You know when you don’t think you really fit in anywhere? I’m sure everyone feels like that from time to time. I just start to get jealous of people younger than me who seem to have it all figured out when I haven’t even begun to decide what I want to do with my life. Or jealous of people who have this magnetic charm about them. Everyone wants to be liked and appreciated. I wish that I could float through life just as easily as them.

Also, I hadn’t considered the fact that I’ll be nearly 30 by the time I get the job that I am aiming to get. Which kinda sucks because it means I’ll be broke until then. I’ve learned the importance of money these few years and it’s getting harder every time the gas and electric company raise their bills for the winter season.

But you know, life is tough. Deal with it, bitch! I am fully aware that this is all whiney nonsense anyway and I’m only 22 years old. It’s not like my life is anywhere near over. I make it sound too dramatic and worse than it actually is. It’s a shame that I have to descend into this spiral of self pity every now and again. I really dislike that side of myself because I am usually the happiest person ever.

Ah hell, I really am in a funk. I’m sure I’ll survive.

BBC News – Budget 2012: Tax breaks for games industry

BBC News – Budget 2012: Tax breaks for games industry.

Just thought I’d share some news about the Games Industry that some people might not know. I’m only really interested in this story because I’m actively involved in creating a Video game at the moment.

This is fantastic news basically. It means that the Government has finally accepted that Games are just as important culturally as Films, Plays, Music, Art…etc. It means that Indie Developers as well as larger UK based companies will find it easier to get funding for projects hopefully.

Life lessons through Video Games – Why I’ll lose weight playing Fruit Ninja Kinect

It isn’t fair. There are some women who seemingly lose weight by sitting on their couches looking fabulous while the rest of us starve ourselves trying, yet we end up gaining a those extra few pounds in the end.

Trust me, I spend hours looking at different ways to lose weight. Different diets, different exercise plans but the problem is, that’s usually as far as I get. As a foodie, my weakness is food. Though I’m not a beached whale (not yet anyway), I felt recently that I was getting a bit chubby and decided that I would try and do something about it.

I’ve tried a few diets but my problem is that I just have no self control and when you are doing something every day and working and Uni and going to sleep really late, I end up eating out or eating really late or ordering take out. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle. I hate feeling hungry and I like fatty foods. Unfortunately, living with Game freak dudes is not good for your waistline.

We downloaded Fruit Ninja from the Xbox Marketplace a good few months ago and have played it quite a bit since. It’s the only Kinect game I’ve played that I’ve really liked. However, after playing it intensively for half an hour, my muscles felt sore and those dreaded bingo wings were starting to feel used and abused. Though the Iphone version has it’s own distinct charm of being able to be picked up and then put down whenever you want and the convenience of being able to play on the bus, the game is SO SO much better when you are physically pulling those kick ass Ninja moves. I’m telling you I was working up quite a sweat from it (though this is coming from a girl who smokes 30 a day and can barely get up the stairs to the flat).

The menu is a bit awkward but it’s all part of the fun of Kinect really. I don’t think many people have invested in one because their expectations are too high. I mean, of course there are going to be synchronisation issues with the Kinect. If you bought it expecting it to be completely perfect and have it detect minute finger movements and stuff, then it’s a waste of money. My point is that you have to make definite, large movements for the Kinect to recognise you. Which means you have to double the work to get the combos and stuff. I didn’t really mind that I had to pay for the game or that the menu system is clunky or that, essentially, it’s a mini game dressed up as a full length title.

I’m not seriously suggesting that Fruit Ninja kinect is a way to lose weight either. I couldn’t possibly put that kind of claim to a game that was never designed for that purpose but it is a really active game if you make it so and it’s loads of fun even if it’s not something that you can play for hours and hours on end.

It’s the best Kinect game so far because it makes you sweat like a bitch and hurt like a mofo in the morning. Plus, you get to pretend you’re a ninja. WIN!