Life lessons through Video Games – Why I’ll lose weight playing Fruit Ninja Kinect

It isn’t fair. There are some women who seemingly lose weight by sitting on their couches looking fabulous while the rest of us starve ourselves trying, yet we end up gaining a those extra few pounds in the end.

Trust me, I spend hours looking at different ways to lose weight. Different diets, different exercise plans but the problem is, that’s usually as far as I get. As a foodie, my weakness is food. Though I’m not a beached whale (not yet anyway), I felt recently that I was getting a bit chubby and decided that I would try and do something about it.

I’ve tried a few diets but my problem is that I just have no self control and when you are doing something every day and working and Uni and going to sleep really late, I end up eating out or eating really late or ordering take out. It’s a bit of a vicious cycle. I hate feeling hungry and I like fatty foods. Unfortunately, living with Game freak dudes is not good for your waistline.

We downloaded Fruit Ninja from the Xbox Marketplace a good few months ago and have played it quite a bit since. It’s the only Kinect game I’ve played that I’ve really liked. However, after playing it intensively for half an hour, my muscles felt sore and those dreaded bingo wings were starting to feel used and abused. Though the Iphone version has it’s own distinct charm of being able to be picked up and then put down whenever you want and the convenience of being able to play on the bus, the game is SO SO much better when you are physically pulling those kick ass Ninja moves. I’m telling you I was working up quite a sweat from it (though this is coming from a girl who smokes 30 a day and can barely get up the stairs to the flat).

The menu is a bit awkward but it’s all part of the fun of Kinect really. I don’t think many people have invested in one because their expectations are too high. I mean, of course there are going to be synchronisation issues with the Kinect. If you bought it expecting it to be completely perfect and have it detect minute finger movements and stuff, then it’s a waste of money. My point is that you have to make definite, large movements for the Kinect to recognise you. Which means you have to double the work to get the combos and stuff. I didn’t really mind that I had to pay for the game or that the menu system is clunky or that, essentially, it’s a mini game dressed up as a full length title.

I’m not seriously suggesting that Fruit Ninja kinect is a way to lose weight either. I couldn’t possibly put that kind of claim to a game that was never designed for that purpose but it is a really active game if you make it so and it’s loads of fun even if it’s not something that you can play for hours and hours on end.

It’s the best Kinect game so far because it makes you sweat like a bitch and hurt like a mofo in the morning. Plus, you get to pretend you’re a ninja. WIN!


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