Feeling a little blue…(ignore if you dislike whiney posts about life)

I thought I’d take a little break from writing about Video Games. I’ve had a tough-ish weekend and it’s good just to vent right? Like I said, I’m not really used to censoring my own writing but as this is public, you never know who’s reading! For those of you who are a bit nosy, I apologise.

I know this sounds really odd and depressing and pathetic but I sometimes feel like there isn’t really a place for me in this world. You know when you don’t think you really fit in anywhere? I’m sure everyone feels like that from time to time. I just start to get jealous of people younger than me who seem to have it all figured out when I haven’t even begun to decide what I want to do with my life. Or jealous of people who have this magnetic charm about them. Everyone wants to be liked and appreciated. I wish that I could float through life just as easily as them.

Also, I hadn’t considered the fact that I’ll be nearly 30 by the time I get the job that I am aiming to get. Which kinda sucks because it means I’ll be broke until then. I’ve learned the importance of money these few years and it’s getting harder every time the gas and electric company raise their bills for the winter season.

But you know, life is tough. Deal with it, bitch! I am fully aware that this is all whiney nonsense anyway and I’m only 22 years old. It’s not like my life is anywhere near over. I make it sound too dramatic and worse than it actually is. It’s a shame that I have to descend into this spiral of self pity every now and again. I really dislike that side of myself because I am usually the happiest person ever.

Ah hell, I really am in a funk. I’m sure I’ll survive.


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