The dreaded Asian Flush…

I’m sure all of my friends know this about me but I suck at drinking. I am a total embarrassment when I drink alcohol because my body is practically allergic to the stuff. It isn’t fair. I’m 22. I should be able to enjoy a few drinks when I’m out with friends.

The thing is, it is just something that everyone takes for granted. I’m the only one in my group of friends who can’t handle more than one or two drinks. I go bright red and it feels like my body is on fire. My neck and face start to get really itchy and my head starts to pound and my breathing gets really shallow. After a few minutes, I feel tired and nauseous which means I usually have to tactically vomit before I can start feeling ok.

Now, I’ve been looking all over the internet and of course, it’s called lots of silly things. Asian glow, Asian flush, Asian explosion….etc. 50% of us damn Asians have this intolerance to alcohol. Simple things like just going for a quiet drink with a friend is fraught with danger. In order for me to survive the ordeal, I have to be eating food and taking the tiniest sips and running to the loo every few minutes to make sure my face isn’t on fire.

APPARENTLY, taking antacids like Zantac and Pepcid AC hides those symptoms and mask the reaction asians have when drinking alcohol. It isn’t medically proven because no-one is that bothered about finding out but I thought it would be worth giving it a shot. I haven’t tried it yet but a lot of online blogs and comments from people are saying that it works.

I’d really be interested to know if anyone takes them generally when going out? If anything can make drinking a little less unpleasant then I’d be open to suggestions.


2 thoughts on “The dreaded Asian Flush…

  1. tfaswift says:

    Hi there, firstly I’m afraid I can’t answer your question. But I can sympathise with your dilemma. I seem to have *developed* an allergy or intolerance to alcohol over the couple of years. Well, technically not the last one year because I quit drinking. It just wasn’t worth it. But before that, I used to get migraines. Not too bad in my twenties, then more often in my 30s and by age 37, it was severe. Every time I had even one glass of wine, I’d get a migraine and it would not go away until I had slept all night. No medicine would make it budge and I’d sometimes be lying on the sofa at night with the lights turned off and watching TV wearing *sunglasses* (at night, in the dark!) because that’s how badly my head hurt. Even the light from the TV was too much.

    In the end, I sat in a nice little bar, had one last glass of white wine and said goodbye forever. That was last November. So I quit drinking right before Christmas. LOL. That didn’t go down too well with some people, but they weren’t the ones moaning with pain. I miss it, especially when I’m cooking. I don’t like cooking, and I used to enjoy a glass of wine while preparing food to make it a little more pleasant. Cooking is when I miss it the most. Otherwise I don’t really notice it.

    I wonder if growing up in Hong Kong has anything to do with it, or if it has to be hereditary.

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