Life Lessons Learned through Video Games – Borderlands 2 and very large guns

If you guys have been reading along then you will know that I am just not an FPS girl. I find the controls really difficult because I only started getting into games a few years ago. Most boys, I find, have less of a problem because they’ve been playing Video Games since DAY! Since I am clearly going to spoil the game, I watched the boys play.

We rented Borderlands 2 from Blockbusters because none of us could justify spending x amount of money on something we were only really going to play to try out the multiplayer aspect of it. Anyway, what drew me to the game initially was the INSANELY good IGN rating that it got. 9/10 apparently; so far so good. Also, the cover art was pretty insane. All I knew about the game was that it had: Big Fucking Guns. And you can dual wield. Awesome.

The basic story, if you are interested, is that it is based on a planet called Pandora. In the last Borderlands game, the player discovered a Vault that contained Eridium which is some kind of black market currency which is really valuable. In Borderlands 2, there have been rumours of an even larger vault and you came to Pandora to look for it. However, on the journey to Pandora, a guy called Handsome Jack (the baddy) tries to kill you because he’s secured all the Elysium reserved and is using it to take over the corporation (sorry, totally ripped that from Wikipedia). Basically, the main objective of the game is to find the larger vault and to whip Handsome Jack’s sorry ass.

Salvador – The badass Gunzerker with big fucking guns

There are 4 classes of character:
Axton (Commando)
Maya (Siren)
Salvador (Gunzerker)
Zer0 (Assassin)

I’m sure all have their plus points but SERIOUSLY, the best character by FAR is Salvador, The Gunzerker. I think he looks fucking epic. I kind of even like the voice acting for him as well. I usually find that FPS games don’t hire fantastic voice actors but for this character, it was perfect. Once you start levelling up and start adding different perks and upgrades and new weapons, he is completely unstoppable! You need to be careful with him sometimes because some enemies are SO powerful that they take your health down really fast even though you’re buffed to the max. There is just nothing you can do about that though. It’s all about being mobile and practically dodging bullets with this character but he is really fun. Haha.

Zer0 – The Assassin and Melee God

It is worth noting that the Assassin character is not half bad either! His name is Zero and he’s really good at ranged attacks and a Melee BEAST. All of his first power-ups are all about enhancing his melee ability and they give you GENEROUS upgrades. +50% Melee attack each time you upgrade! Which isn’t bad at all.

For those of you who like to snipe (I’m TERRIBLE), he’s the one to play with. I also just quite like the fact that you can’t see his face. I’m not sure if it gets revealed but I know that you can “buy” or “earn” extra heads?? That sounds weird but you’ll know what I mean if you play this game.

To be completely honest, we only played with the Siren and Commando for a little bit. They just weren’t as exciting as the other 2 characters so if you’re finding this post leaning a little too heavy on the Gunzerker/Assassin side, please feel free to educate me! I’d love to hear what you thought of the other characters =D

Game play was fine. The Menu system on the multiplayer mode was really awkward to navigate. Even on a 40″ screen so unless you have a ridiculously huge TV, expect to struggle a little going through all the menus. This becomes a little problematic when you need to quickly change weapons because the game doesn’t pause when you hit the menu button. Which is good and bad. Good because you can see enemies sneaking up on you, Bad because you aren’t concentrating on the enemies sneaking up on you when you are looking at said menu.

One REALLY nice feature of the game is that you get a second chance when you die. If an enemy takes all your health down you have a limited amount of time where you can attempt to kill an enemy. If you succeed, you get “second wind”, recover some of your health and you can go on a rampage again. Or you can just get your team mate to heal you to gain more experience.

Levelling up is fast but not too fast. What’s great about the multiplayer mode is that new players that join, end up levelling up SUPER quickly because the enemies are automatically set to the level of the most experienced player. In one sitting, you can gain 6-7 levels while the host player only gains one or 2. It’s all about levelling out the playing field as quickly as possible so that the game becomes a more enjoyable multi-player experience I guess.

I hope I haven’t left anything out! I’m aware this game has been out for a while. I’m sorry I can’t afford newer releases. But Christmas is around the corner…The guys have been bitching at me saying that I should really play the games that I have been chatting about even though I feel I have. But alas, I guess I should cave in and try my hand at some FPS games. You don’t know if you don’t try I guess! I’ll keep you posted on my progress…haha


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