Merry Christmas!!


Thank you for my present!!

Excellent news! I’m rather festive this year! I’m usually quite a grinch. Had a fantastic day! My boyfriends niece practically lost her shit at the present we got her (hint – it was pink, it had wheels and was freaking awesome), we all got very merry and no arguments or tears! It was brilliant!

It was a shame that my father still thinks its ok poke fun at my weight but its cool. I’ve been a FAT bitch today and ate so much I feel like I’m going to pop. It’s been a good day.

Now I’m sitting on the sofa waiting to watch some more of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. I am literally in heaven. Oooh! Not to mention I got a new coat!

I hope you guys had a wonderful day! I’m hitting the boxing day sales tomorrow! Wonder what treasures I can find…What have you been up to this Christmas? Anything cool?


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