Life lessons learned through Video Games – Ni No Kuni (Wrath of the White Witch) [Part 2 – SPOILERS]

As promised, another post about Ni No Kuni! God…I can’t believe we have been jamming this game so much! Last time I played a game to death was Mass Effect 1 and 2 and possibly Grand Theft Auto 4.

This post is predominantly about the story so far, I haven’t played through all of the game yet so I’m probably going to go off on a tangent and gush about how amazing this game is. It’s so rare for me to have nothing bad to say about a game to be honest. When playing it, I can’t find anything about it that irritates me! I can even forgive the voice acting because the rest of the game is so goddamn awesome!


Mr Drippy and the Wizard’s Companion

The story is about a boy called Oliver, who lives in a little town called Motorville. In one of the very first opening scenes of the game, Allie (Oliver’s mother), dies suddenly after jumping into the river to save him. As Oliver cries, his tears turn his rag doll into a fairy called Mr.Drippy who tells him that there is a way to bring his mother back. The fairy gives Oliver the Wizards Companion that gives him magical powers and the ability to travel to a parallel universe called “Ni No Kuni”. “Ni No Kuni” is a magical world full of dopplegangers that also exist in Motorville. In order to bring his mother back from the dead, Oliver has to travel back and forth between the worlds, solve puzzles and battle huge enemies.

However, there is evil afoot in “Ni No Kuni” and it isn’t the idyllic place that it first appears to be. The White Witch has control over this world and her henchman, Shadar, is wreaking havoc and stealing people’s hearts and making them miserable. It’s Oliver’s job (as the “Pure-Hearted one”) to restore these people’s hearts and defeat Shadar and the White Witch once and for all.

So far on our travels we have met Esther, the daughter of one of the great Sages, and Swaine, a rogue. I have a funny feeling that Swaine will also turn out to be a child of one of the Sages like Esther and Oliver. I forgot to mention that Oliver’s mother’s doppleganger in “Ni No Kuni” is the great sage Alicia who has been defeated and captured by Shadar.

*Phew*! That’s all I can write for now. I’m aware this post is really clumsily written, I’ll try and sort it out another day………


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