Ramblings: Let’s have a “Perfect Valentines day”

The thing is, every girl wishes that they don’t care about Valentines Day but in secret everyone wants a big fuss made out of them on the most “romantic day of the year”.

With Valentines day around the corner, in fact only a few days away, places like Tescos and Moonpig.com have been spamming TV adverts in an attempt to get guys to buy £25 bouquet of roses for their lovely ladies. But I don’t think that Valentines day is about how much money you spend but actually how much effort you put in to making her have a really special day.

A lot of my friends are dudes so they’ve all been freaking out about it recently. I’ve been trying to help them: “It’s Valentines day. Fuck. What do I do?”

Most relationships settle into a routine after a while so on special occasions like Valentines day, she will DEFINITELY expect the unexpected. Don’t take her to the same restaurant you took her to last year and say that it’s a “Valentines Day tradition” because that’s just lazy.

If you’re broke. You’re broke. Don’t get into debt over Valentines day, just get creative! If you’re a musician, write her a song. If you’re an artist, paint a portrait. Even if you lack any “creativity” making your own card and playlist for her would be really sweet. Finding a completely ‘YOU’ way of saying I love you is literally the most adorable thing ever.

Happy Valentines Day ❤ Have fun. Use a condom. lol.


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