Why are people so mean to their friends?

This is just an observation that I’ve made while being on nights out in London but it isn’t a secret that British people love to take the piss out of each other. All the time. Relentlessly.

I really don’t mind friendly cat calling and stuff but only really between friends that I would feel comfortable with. Still, there is a line that you can’t cross and that is public humiliation. I don’t know why some people are just so mean to their friends.

For example, I was out a few nights ago and saw that there was some commotion going on in the bar. When I looked around there was this poor little lad surrounded by his group of mates that were chanting: “virgin! virgin!” whilst being forced to do a whole tray of shots. Now if you’re thinking that this is so juvenile and childish, it is. Except it gets even worse because it was a group of dudes in their late 20s or early 30s? Pathetic, really.

Now, if one of my friends were a virgin (not going to lie here…), if it was funny, we’d probably take the piss out of him/her for a few minutes before we got bored. I don’t think that chanting “virgin” in a crowded bar is acceptable behaviour from people who are supposedly your friends. It’s not going to help that poor lad get laid, or do anything for his self confidence. In effect, they completely cock blocked him from getting with ANYONE in that bar, completely embarrassed him and it was just plain mean. If any of my friends had ever done anything remotely similar, I would have knocked their teeth out.

Luckily for us (not for him), the massive group of guys left almost as soon as we had sat down but I was AMAZED to see the poor boy traipsing along after the very people that had publicly shamed him. I feel just as strongly about people taking photos of their mates throwing up…etc.etc. I thought that if you were someone’s friend, you protected them from shit like this, not actually bully them yourself?

Why would you stay friends with people who would do that to you in public? And why do people think it’s acceptable to do shit like that?


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