Life lessons learned through Video Games: Bubble Witch Saga

So, I’ve developed another perfectly healthy addiction. I’ve started playing Bubble Witch Saga. Partly due to me bowing under peer pressure but I think it was more to do with my sense of scientific curiosity. I wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

I told myself for ages that I wouldn’t start playing Facebook games because they weren’t “real games” like Ni No Kuni or Bioshock Infinite. I think that I knew that I would somehow get addicted to them as well because, that’s just how I am. Once I find something that feels good, I just want more and more and more.


This was a bad idea.

I’m failing at life this week because of this stupid game. I don’t know why but it’s got me hooked. I’ve been sat here mindlessly tapping my Ipad screen for the entirety of yesterday before I was forced to turn it off to watch the Sony Announcement (I will be writing this up today too).

What makes it so special? I have no idea. I literally don’t have a clue why I’m playing it.  I do quite like the “social” aspect of it, in that you can see what your friends scores are when going through the levels. But even that has pissed me off because now I’m wasting lives (that take 20 mins to recover), trying to beat my friends high scores even though I passed the level!

To be honest, it’s EXACTLY like every other Bubble fighter game out there except there are in app purchases and you can synchronise it to Facebook. And it feels completely endless because there are like a few hundred levels to get through. I still don’t know why I’m playing it….but I just can’t stop……………


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