Sony Announcement 2013 – Playstation 4 coming out at the end of this year!

Sony announces the PlayStation 4, launching at the end of 2013 | The Verge.

PlayStation 4: Sony launch fires starting pistol on the next generation | Technology | The Guardian.

Life lessons learned through Video Games – looks like Sony have FINALLY got something right! Read the article above, it’s a great little summary of the Sony announcement last night. I’m really excited about the developer capabilities! Hopefully, they will reach out to Indie Game developers like us so we can release titles for the PS4 one day!

Also, it’s going to take Social gaming to the next level. You can share videos and screen shots with your mates as well as watch play sessions in real time! Not just that but the tech demos of some of the 3D modelling software is just fantastic. I want to get my hands on it now. The meme I chose for the featured image has never been more appropriate.

So when is playstation 4 coming out? The release date is Christmas 2013. I’m buying one, are you?


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