Life lessons learned through Video Games: Plants Vs. Zombies (on Iphone and Ipad)


As I mentioned before in my Bubble Witch Saga post, I never used to really understood social gaming. I guess just the mere thought of in-app purchases put me off and I cannot be trusted when it comes to spending. I learned my credit card details off by heart about 4 years ago and subsequently, that alone has led to some bad decisions when it came to impulse buying and then, finally, landed me in some annoying financial situations.

Which was why I was pleased to find that Plants Vs. Zombies was available to download for free and all the levels were totally achievable (so far) without spending any cash.

It’s what I’m completely addicted to right now except that it keeps crashing on my Ipad (but that might be to do with the fact that it was the 1st gen Ipad and I’ve just downloaded iOS 6 onto it…..bit of a mistake i think). The thing is, I re-downloaded it twice before accepting defeat and started playing it on my Iphone instead.


In a nutshell, it’s a tower defense game. It’s an age old formula that can seen pretty laboured when developers don’t put enough effort behind it – but when it’s done well, that’s it, I’m hooked. I love strategy games because it puts my super-organisation skills to good use! Just the sheer variety of plants that you can use to kill zombies with is phenomenal (according to IGN there are 48 plant varieties and 26 kinds of zombies). And the graphics are rather pretty too.

The system is rather simple. Zombies comin’ atcha in neat little rows, while you quickly set up defenses so that Zombies can’t get into your house. There are pea-shooters that shoot little bullets, sunflowers that collect sun points that you spend to get more vicious plants in your garden. There’s something so satisfying about watching a perfect game where you have laid out all of your defenses perfectly.

Of course to complete the game, I assume you will end up spending a bit of money on in-app purchases but I’ve changed my attitude towards it recently. If I’m able to download and enjoy the game for free without waiting 20 minutes for my 1 heart to re-charge in order to start a level (damn you Bubble witch Saga!!), then I have no problem spending £0.69 on their store. However, the game should have a pretty satisfying play through considering the fact that they are giving this game away for free.

Anyway, I definitely recommend that you check it out!

Has anyone completed the game? How long did it take you and what’s your overall verdict?



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