Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror – “The Waldo Moment” Series 2 Episode 3 – Season Finale

Sam Parker: Black Mirror: ‘The Waldo Moment’ (REVIEW).

The review above is an excellent write up and I don’t think I can even try and write as eloquently as Sam Parker. It is pretty much exactly what I thought of this week’s episode so check it out. I was amused to see that it received mixed reviews on Twitter where fans of the show thought that it was a bit boring compared to the other episodes in Series 2.

I think it was partly to do with the fact that “The Waldo Moment” wasn’t warning us of the dangers of technology and having crazy axe-murderers chasing after our main character. I actually thought it was one of the most accurate and most compelling episodes in the series to date.

This week’s episode is about a blue cartoon bear called Waldo who becomes an unlikely candidate in a local by-election after insulting a Tory politician on national TV. I would say that Waldo could be compared to Sascha Baron Cohen’s character, Ali G who would interview and insult real life politicians on a chat show. The public fall in love with Waldo and his anti-politics attitude and start to vote for him.

Sam Parker explains it best: “Problems arise when Waldo’s creator, a failed comedian called Jamie, grows embarrassed and ashamed as his joke gets out of control and he finds himself in a position of genuine influence. In a line straight from Brooker’s heart he despairs: “I’m neither stupid or clever enough to be in politics”. But like Victor Frankenstein, Jamie is too late: his creation is too powerful, and lives on without him.”

I think that in the UK, people are feeling a bit fed up with politicians. After the expenses scandal and other nonsense, it is becoming harder and harder to trust these privileged people who lie and cheat their way into power. There is a definite desire for more honest communication from politicians. Yet, however crappy the government is “they still built these roads”.

Yet the reason why Waldo becomes so popular in this week’s episode is for just that reason. He insults politicians, he doesn’t give a shit – Exactly the attitude of our generation. It gave the option for people who didn’t care about politics, to vote for Waldo instead.

Either way, I’m not going to try and write up the episode properly since it has already been done, so please do check out the article and watch the episode if you haven’t seen it already!


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