A little post about Facebook stalking…

I think any kind of obsessive behaviour can sometimes consume people without realising. I’m quite an obsessive person myself, I think. Just about everyday shit really. I get bored very easily so I can get anxious about feeling like I’m not being productive. I feel obsessed about getting to and from places on time, I get concerned when someone doesn’t reply to texts straight away…etc. Pretty petty 1st world problems to be fair lol.

The thing about Facebook stalking is that it can be very easy for the person to develop this fantasy relationship with you, especially if you frequently post to social networking sites. As a large part of my job is looking after the social media for a shop, I spend a large part of my day moderating comments and generally will have a tab open to Facebook at all times. I tend to be online constantly so

I’ve noticed that there are two types of people that are in my friends list. They are all people that I know from “real life” but some are people that I know and like and there are people that I have only met a few times (ie. Don’t know very well).

The kind of stalking (I think) that I have been experiencing has been rather strange compared to that weirdo that I blocked years ago who was really into Asian chicks.  Because the best way to get into a girls pants over the Internet is to like and comment on nearly every single picture in my albums spanning 5 years of my life?! He was so weird. Bloody MySpace…

Recently, I don’t feel creeped out or fearful of what is happening because I know that  these people or persons are just as wary about me as I am of them, I am not in any harms way and I happen to know a lot of socially awkward people (says the Queen of social awkwardness, herself). It’s hard to explain how I feel about it but I guess, it’s the feeling of being monitored that unsettles me a little. I know the difference between one of my besties commenting on everything I say and do to someone I have only met a few times doing the same thing. It feels kind of strange that someone somewhere is reading all of my posts and feels the need to be involved in what I’m doing though we never hang out or have much in common.

I try and live life without hurting anybody and approach everything with an open mind so I always try with people before deciding whether I want to be friends. I’ve been hurt before by people that I thought were closest to me so I feel that I have become more selective about who I choose to open up to. Maybe because of this approach, a few people may have got the wrong end of the stick.


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