Jay’s Points of View – I am fascinated and repulsed by Peter Hitchens

You probably don’t know who Peter Hitchens is unless you live in the UK. He runs a hysterical red top gossip newspaper called the Daily Mail. I’ll give you a small clip of what I’m talking about here:

What a hateful angry little man that wants to criminalise junkies?! What does throwing someone in jail do? Does it help them give up drugs or are you simply slapping them with a criminal record which prevents them from ever getting a normal job and integrating themselves back into society once they’re out? Once a criminal, always a criminal. Think about it.

Once you go to jail, you can forget about ever leaving the country. You won’t get past the border patrol, even Sir Paul McCartney’s lawyer couldn’t do anything as he was arrested in Japan for a drug offense he committed 21 years ago. You can forget about starting a new life and turning over a new leaf. You’ve been branded for life. Is that ok to do to someone if a) they weren’t hurting anybody, b) they choose to ingest substances, c) they are victims of an addiction the same as alcohol or cigarettes?

Something ELSE needs to be done instead of filling our prisons with people that really shouldn’t be there. Surely we can come up with a better system than tarring ordinary citizens with the same brush as organised criminals?

The thing that pisses me off about Peter Hitchens is that he is rude and petty. He obviously loves the sound of his own voice because he won’t let anyone else speak (I hate that – manners!) and thinks that anyone who doesn’t share his opinion is somehow beneath him.

It doesn’t stop there though. It’s one thing to think you’re above someone but to stoop so low himself…I find that so hypocritical. He couldn’t even put aside his differences with Stephen Fry when attending his own brother’s funeral. How petty is that?

On Peter Hitchens, Damian Thompson from the Telegraph writes:

“Did you know that the late great Christopher Hitchens had a younger, less talented, journalist brother called Peter? Me neither – until I was asked by the Spectator to debate the subject of addiction with this gentleman, a chap in a blazer who reminds me of the Viz character Major Misunderstanding.

I’ve taken a lot of flak for arguing, in my book The Fix, that addiction is behaviour, not disease. But Hitchens believes that addiction does not exist at all – that it’s an excuse for the illegal behaviour of “selfish” people.

This is scientifically illiterate – people can become involuntarily addicted and their brain chemistry changes. But Hitchens was having none of it, banging on about “the worship of the self” in the way that self-obsessed folk often do.”

I find it incredible that the younger brother of such a brilliant man could be so utterly twisted.

Yet….I’m on my 7th Peter Hitchens video and I can’t stop! I’m utterly hooked. The conviction behind the lies is infuriating as it is addictive. I’m mesmerised by how he makes sweeping generalisations and dismisses decades of scientific evidence in favour of flimsy half truths and his own (bigoted) opinion.

He’s too posh to understand the trials and tribulations of real people. We shouldn’t listen to anything he says. But watch the videos. They’re hilarious and will make you puke as well.

WARNING: You’ll find you can’t stop once you start. lol. I’ve warned you, it’s addictive.


One thought on “Jay’s Points of View – I am fascinated and repulsed by Peter Hitchens

  1. That is unfortunately the problem with the Daily Mail, they revel in your disgust. The only way to fight them is to ignore them and ask others to do so also. They are like spoiled children with a box to stand on and yell their childish hate.
    Watching Russell Brand put him in his place is beyond satisfying, I really enjoy hearing him talk about this stuff and I respect him much more ever since he started getting involved in social and political issues.

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