Jay’s Points of view – Your God does not exist. Science is the only truth.

I’m probably going to get a load of shit for this but I’m really passionate about this so I’m just going to go ahead and write. That’s what blogs are for right? Expressing an opinion. I want a debate guys!!

I believe ALL organised religion poisons everything. It was a form of control before democracy existed. These organisations are so corrupt from all the money they get from regurgitating allegorical tales to throngs of gullible people. Who wants to believe in the idea of a God who is all seeing, all knowing…judging your every move whether you’re awake or asleep. There’s no respite, it’s 24 hr surveillance! Who wants to believe that?

I have one life on this earth. I have a right to live how I want to live without some supernatural being telling me what is right and what is wrong. As long as I’m not hurting anybody, I know that I am living a wholesome, exciting and truthful life.

I think you’ll find that you can’t disprove Science? No-one can challenge empirical evidence. It is fact.

The bible or any other religious text is neither empirical or fact. Merely a set of guidelines that may have helped people 2000 years ago but is completely irrelevant now since we have health care, police, technology…etc.etc. The Bible or any religious text has not been re-written since it was first written. How can you apply the same values of a society that existed nearly 2000 years ago to modern culture?

I respect that people practice religion because it brings positivity into their lives. I don’t disagree with positivity and enlightenment, whatever works for you.

I just choose not to associate with people who are deeply religious because I find many are also deeply hypocritical and I hate that. How can you say you believe in God when you own an iphone and drive a mercedes? Without science, those things would never exist. Everything that we take for granted was made by humans, not plonked on this earth by someone else. We should believe in the human spirit and embrace our nature, not restrain ourselves! I think it’s cruel!

Think of how many gay people were forced into straight marriages because they were so scared of everyone finding out? That person could be living his full potential, being who he wants to be and more importantly, BEING HAPPY. Everyone has the right to be happy.

That is ONE argument I would put to someone if challenged. I could also talk about the unspeakable cruelty certain churches have inflicted on their followers including child abuse, pretty much ALL wars were caused by religion….etc.etc. It actually disgusts me.

The thing that a lot of “un-believers” get frustrated about, including myself, is that there is no consistency in the interpretation of these texts. If you show 5 people the same passage, I will most likely get 5 different answers. Some more moderate views such as  and some completely fundamentalist which is damaging and harmful.

With science, you don’t need to interpret it. Studies are conducted. The results are published in peer reviewed journal. Anybody can dispute it. Anyone can disprove it. Science adapts to the most correct and accurate version of the truth. How would we have a successful health care system without it? I feel that a culture that adapts itself according to new information is definitely the most informed way of thinking and closer to achieving enlightenment than reciting an age old dogma and believing that your soul will be saved if you pray hard enough. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I also cannot agree with the fact that Science was created by God. In order to understand this, you need to have a serious layman’s knowledge of particle physics. I’m not even going to bother explaining or I’ll have to draw diagrams and shit but the fundamental argument is (assuming that God is MORE intelligent than us humans), why would he have structured the universe the way it is? There are several more logical ways “God” could have gone about it but to be honest, a lot of what we know about science is that it seems to be a series of random accidents. How does that make any logical sense? Why would anyone consciously create a world like that?

They’ve been lying to you all this time so they can keep you imprisoned by your own conscience. Too scared to have sex with the person you love because some book told you not to until you’re married. Too scared to challenge the belief system that you’ve invested your life into. I pity you. I really do because the truth is so much more interesting, so much more pure and beautiful than this paranormal bull shit you’re swallowing.

God is just as real as crystal healing, psychics, star signs and all that bollocks. It doesn’t work. It messes with your mind and makes you less of a person than if you just owned up to your shit and took responsibility for your own actions instead of attributing your successes or failures to a man in the sky.

This is one girl’s opinion. I’d appreciate a civilised debate, I’m not looking to offend or have a go at anyone.


3 thoughts on “Jay’s Points of view – Your God does not exist. Science is the only truth.

  1. Hello? Are you me? I could have written this; it is so exactly how I feel! Don’t worry about offending because the only ones that would be offended are those that are threatened by the truth. Plus, last time I checked, offending someone is not against the law. I also like to think that by expressing an opinion that offends some people is kind of cathartic since some may get so offended they get irrational and do something stupid thus shining the light on how crazy their beliefs are!

    • Hello Diamondsandcents. Thanks for commenting 🙂

      I’m always happy to meet people who reject the notion that there is a higher being that magically willed us and the universe into existence. Any other alternative explanation is completely supernatural and isn’t based on fact.

      The thing atheists and “non-believers” have to try and understand is why we have religion. As informed and educated people we all know that there will always be an intrinsic need in humans to seek answers and attribute things we don’t understand to a higher intelligence. At the time the bible or any religious texts were written, we thought diseases were evil curses, we have to try and understand that it may have been helpful to people at the time. Pascal Boyer, a french anthropologist, explains that the need for religion is simply an evolutionary trait that we developed over thousands of years of co-existence and therefore a human product – not God’s.

      We shouldn’t be so forceful in imposing our view onto others because I believe in free thought and tolerance. However crazy their faith sounds, if that individual finds solace and peace in it then they should be allowed to believe what they want, even though mountains of evidence could prove otherwise. It is exactly this attitude that makes atheists (sometimes), just as bad as the religious fanatics.

      However, organised religion (not individual belief) is still a huge part of our society and affects our governments standing on moral issues such as gay marriage, abortion…etc. In a liberal society without religion these would all be very simple issues to resolve but as it stands, the UK parliament is built on Protestantism which means that we are STILL referring to a book written 2000 years ago (however loosely) to address modern issues. I just don’t see the sense in that.

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