Jay’s Ramblings: Nothing ever turns out how you expect, so expect the unexpected

I haven’t ever told you guys about my list habit! I love them. Seriously, cannot get enough of them. I’m channeling my good old pops for this weird addiction…no…compulsion of mine. I go back home once a week to help my mum clean the house and I discovered something in my book case that I hadn’t seen in a while.

A little envelope filled with notebook paper that had been torn out and scribbled all over. Aside from finding “An ode to Satan” that I had written at the tender age of 11, I discovered a list of things I had to have achieved by the age of 25. My 14 year old self would have been very disappointed indeed. I’ll transcribe it as best I can. I would post up the original copy but I’m telling you, there are some seriously offensive sketches all over it. Hail Satan.

  • Date at least 200 guys. All rock stars. No losers. Dump every single one FIRST
  • Be exactly like Brody Dalle, Courtney Love, Amanda Palmer or Marilyn Manson
  • Wear black every day (Only buy black clothing – red or purple is ok sometimes)
  • Be amazing at guitar and singing
  • Drive a convertible (black)
  • Release 6 albums (metal, rock, industrial, goth, punk, techno)
  • Grow hair down to my feet
  • Never settle down

Sorry 14 year old me. I think the only thing that I did was MOVE OUT. The note finishes with: “If I don’t do all of this then I’m a HUGE PUSSY” *sigh*


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