10 Hours of Walking in NYC as a Woman: Jay’s thoughts

You guys should watch this video that went viral since it was posted on Youtube this Tuesday. Not only does it show how often cat-calling in the street happens, it shows how intimidating some people can be without realising that they are doing it. In the comments below the video, it clearly demonstrates that some men still hold these gender biases when they say can stuff like this:

“So much bull… in the video, it feels so unreal and set up, both for the editing and the way it was prepared… besides, as many has pointed out, most are just innocent comments. So, she and others are overly sensitive, that’s their right, but… when is it ok to let overly sensitive people control NORMAL behavior? I think harassment has become such a easily thrown in word and most people feel scared to stand up to it that we are letting this kind of things control us.”

I left the spelling and grammar mistakes in there on purpose so you can see what an absolute hippo this guy is. Don’t worry, there’s more. Just keep scrolling.

Women do not consider this “normal” or friendly behaviour from men. I guarantee you, speaking as a girl, most women encounter stuff like this every day. Men don’t. Which is why I think there is this lack of understanding because it is impossible for a man to experience this constant stream of unwanted attention.

Not only that, men are unaware that they can be quite frightening at times. If I had a guy walking silently next to me, I would feel really scared. So many thing run through your mind when stuff like that happens. Especially, if they start to follow you after you ignore them – because there is the REAL possibility of being attacked and overpowered by someone who has just expressed an interest in harassing you.

To call women “overly sensitive” when we TRULY do not want this kind of attention is unfair. To be honest, the comments in the video aren’t nearly half as bad as what I can personally experience when I’m out and about. Mix that all up with good old fashioned racial stereotyping and slurs, you can sometimes get really nasty things said to you.

This is basically why I’m so glad that I barely use public transport anymore. This kind of harassment NEEDS to stop. I’m glad at least that this video has gone viral – at least it’s got people talking.

PS. To be completely honest though, the amount of terrible things people are saying in the comments section really does concern me. Also someone from the “red pill” club has got hold of it and is going off on a misogynistic rant. I despair for humanity.


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