This is me >.<

This blog is the outlet for all of my thoughts. I like collecting photos and I love writing about places I’ve been, things I’ve seen and people I’ve met. Most of this blog is a little bit travel diary and a little bit, personal diary I suppose. I’m not organised enough to keep 2 different blogs going so it has to kinda be mashed into one big one. If anyone has any questions then I don’t bite!

I feel that I am quite unique because although I am 100% South Korean ethnically, I definately would say that I was British. I was born here and London is my home but my parents did a really good job in that I can still speak, write and understand Korean to a near fluent standard.

Although all my family are in Seoul, I still identify more with western society yet I still find EVERYTHING fascinating about the country from which I originate. I made a promise to myself that I would go back to SK at least once a year and hopefully this blog will keep me entertained on long bus/tube journeys whilst I’m out there!

While I’m in London though, be prepared for lots of rants about Music, Art and Games! Unfortunately, I do have a fatal attraction to cuteness (an asian disease I’m afraid) so if you’re allergic to Hello Kitty or Anime (Manhwa – in Korean) then I appologise in advance. Basically, I’m a media junkie. I will blog about everything that interests me.

I’m currently at University in London studying Music Management. I used to be a professional backing vocalist and song writer but that’s sort of gone down the shitter. I’ve recently decided that I would sell out and become a corporate [insert generic job title here]. I am really really disappointed that I couldn’t be a little more boho and hippy and say “hey man, I don’t need money” but unfortunately, I want too much stuff.


4 thoughts on “About

  1. tfaswift says:

    LOL, love your honesty about everything. I’m British but grew up in Hong Kong so I’m kind of the same but also opposite to you. Just moved back to the UK a couple of years ago and don’t really know where I fit in. Also have an interracial marriage. Really loved your reference to Hello Kitty – that made me laugh out loud. Used to buy all the Hello Kitty stuff when I was a child. Still love cute things too – must be HK influence. Love teddy bears and pink things. You’d never guess it from my blog which is all serious looking, but I do sneak a few graphics on there from Asian artists because they really have their own unique style which I love – kind of dark cartoony graphics. Very interesting. Going to check out some more of your blog now …

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