It always happens at this time of year…#studentlife

I haven’t posted in ages. This always happened in January. Since I have little to no university work over December, generally I go on a Christmas posting frenzy! Then as soon as “real” work begins – *radio silence*. I do apologise for anyone who cares enough to have missed my ramblings. I will be trying to post more regularly over the next year. Can’t believe I’ve had the same blog for over 2 years – this is the longest commitment to any extra-curricular activity that I’ve ever started!

So, what’s been happening in the life of Jay? A crazy amount. Arrogant Pixel LTD is now officially incorporated as of the 27th January 2015 so Ben, Assad and I are now business owners! Movements are being made – I am so excited for this year.

We have been really busy this month getting the new website put together while working furiously to get this game we’ve been working on released. Pulling all nighters and not getting enough food or sleep over the past few weeks has been tolling but now that everything is starting to come together, I can kind of see the light at the end of the tunnel. It is very satisfying.

I hope everyone’s year has started off with a bang like mine has! 2014 was rubbish – the real journey and adventure begins in 2015, I can feel it.