New triumphant track – Celebrating finishing uni work!!

Hey guys, I am so so happy that I’ve submitted all my uni work…for now. I can’t tell you how relieved I am that this semester is over. Not that I haven’t enjoyed it but…basically, putting together a tour book is just really really time consuming (all my uni classmates will understand what I’m talking about!!). I don’t think I could have done any more than I did.

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I normally do (*snort* sorry. I’m so sporadic). I’m trying to spread my time between this one and the Arrogant Pixel blog and the Twitter. If you check back regularly to all the links, you might be able to keep up with me.

Nearly finished my masters degree and a game release under my belt, this year has been quite good to me! I’m excited about a lot of other things as well. Of course, Doris Episode II is on my mind constantly as we try and get a work flow going in order to finish in a decent time frame. For now, everyone is trying to catch a quick breath before we dive in again.

Assad’s new band has been making little ripples online with their game boy and live drums outfit, #HASHMATIKS. They’ve been going for about 2 months now and they’ve already secured a support slot with a HUGE artist that’s travelling to London all the way from Philadelphia. I will reveal who it is after we finalise a few more details with the promoter.

I’ll leave you with a quick little ditty that I made today just to blow off some steam. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had a chance to do what I want to do instead of working. Moving in a slightly different direction this time and flexing my production muscles. I’m a bit rusty – forgive me, haha.


I’m on the front page of Newgrounds with my new game!


I can’t believe my life at the moment. As I’m sure you know, (I’ve been banging on about it for a few weeks now) we’ve released a game – finally.

Newgrounds has exploded for us over the past few days. We posted The Tale of Doris & the Dragon – Episode 1, 3 days ago and it’s already had nearly 3000 views, been featured and we got 3rd place on the daily picks! I’m not lying – check out the link!

It had been going slow and steady for about 2 weeks on this indie game website called Gamejolt, where we had posted our #indiesvspewdiepie entry. It had a lukewarm reception to be honest. So far, it has had over 200 plays after being online for a fortnight.

I think that the game has actually polarised our audience. Some people really like it and some people just don’t get point and click adventures! We were kind of expecting it since it was a more arty / surrealist / experimental title. I guess it’s like marmite.

I am just happy that it’s done so well on Newgrounds. Since it was (and still is), more of an art community than it is a hardcore-gamer haunt – people are just appreciating the game more on this site than all of the others.

I guess when you are competing with hundreds of Flappy Bird and Five nights at Freddie’s rip-offs, you can’t expect to come in with a story-based game and assume it’s going to be at the top of every listing. Even though we got some trolls that rated the game low, we have a fantastic score – I have nothing more to wish for.

3000 more people now know about The Tale of Doris & the Dragon than last week.

Thanks to all my lovely followers who have been supporting me and my company from the start – it has been a hell of a ride so far. Something tells me it’s just the beginning.

Well done, Doris – not bad for an old lady 🙂



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The way of the Pixel – We’ve launched our new website! / Arrogant Pixel Blog – Arrogant Pixel

The way of the Pixel – We’ve launched our new website! / Arrogant Pixel Blog – Arrogant Pixel.

Me and my fiance have been hard at work putting together the website for our new venture – Arrogant Pixel limited. We became officially incorporated a few weeks ago – I am very excited about this project! I hope you guys like what we’re doing 🙂

I also happen to be writing the blog content for the company so I’ll be sharing my time between this one and the Arrogant Pixel blog from now on.

In the meantime, the company is currently working on a game title (to be announced very shortly!) and the link above is a quick introduction to what we hope to achieve. The website itself is now live and can be accessed here:

If you haven’t already, like us on Facebook for all future updates!

Rocket Granny and Laser beam unicorns

The Unfortunate Tale of Mr. Explosion Head – Original pencil sketches!

These are the original pencil sketches that I did for Mr. Explosion Head! Check them out! More stuff coming soon including a video that we are attempting to put together!

Please do make sure you vote for us! We’d be so grateful if you could!

Original pencil sketches – The Unfortunate Tale of Mr. Explosion Head

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#indiesvspewdiepie Game Jam with Arrogant Pixel – 1st entry of many

So, I’ve decided to take part in this game jam hosted by GameJolt and Pewdiepie sponsored by YoYo Games (creators of Game Maker studio). I’m proud to be helping Arrogant Pixel bring together a game from scratch in 72 hours. The top 10 voted games will be reviewed by Pewdiepie on Youtube! The jam started at 5am this morning (GMT) and we need to submit the game on Monday at 5am. #nosleep

It’s basically a popularity contest I suppose but I KNOW that we’re going to produce something fantastic that is going to be really fun to play.

Since I’m the only one here at the moment, I’m just sketching out some quick scribbles for the main character. We kind of have an idea of what we are doing but will need to wait until Ben (programmer & fiance) and Assad (game boy musician) get to the base of operations to really begin work. I’ll be helping with art and PR stuff…let’s see how that goes!

We really don’t have that much time but it’ll be interesting to see how much work we can produce. Bit stressed because I really should be doing Uni work….but what the hey! Even if we don’t win, we’ll have one more product under our belt and one step closer to releasing our main title in the new year!

Please follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter over the weekend and don’t forget to vote for us!